Shift being indorsed by Visa to accept Bitcoin

Finding it hard to believe that I can buy airline tickets, and merchandise of all kinds from all over the world. with the Bitcoins in our wallets.  Look how long it took Visa rise. Visa is alive because it works off the banking system.

Everything Bitcoin is not. Why is Visa wanting in on Bitcoin and introducing themselves through, SHIFT?

Who is Shift and where did they come from? Usually when we get a Visa, Master Card, Amex, or Diners Club (never had one), they are through the banking system. Inter-grading Bitcoin and Visa???

Well isn’t that not possible?


Authorize Shift Card to access your Coinbase account*****Debit money from your account without two-step verification


Debit money from your account without two-step verification

This app will be able to send 1000 USD per day on your behalf. Change this amount**

With a Coinbase authorization app build right into this sentence.


View your email address

Shift Card will be able to debit bitcoin from this wallet

This is where your Bitcoin wallet is displayed, right above this sentence.



TWO STEP VERIFICATION** Same page sectioned off


Enter your 2-step verification code.

Informing you that you can get it either by SMS or a Phone Call. With this stated right above the SUBMIT button

**Authy and Google Authenticator can be enabled in Settings**

why does Visa, excuse me, uhm…SHIFT need this access when Bitcoin is public all ready.


There are many FLAGS that flew when I opened up this campaign of SHIFT for Visa. Whether or not they were RED FLAGS…I do not know. This is why I am bringing this to the attention of other Bitcoin-ers.

I, myself, am not worried about losing any Bitcoins to anyone. I have Bitcoin Wallets. Lots of them…I may have them, yet having them does me no good.  I have not bought my first Bitcoin. Can’t afford one.

Then I still get caught up on the concept of how it exist and obtained other than pulling my Visa from my wallet.


I am saying Visa works off the Banking Industry.

And finally my question. **Upon Bitcoins success, If it is possible, could that put conventional banking on the endangered list?  What lengths will the Banking Industry go to keep from going extinct?

Okay I had Two last questions.

Happy Thanksgiving and most of all Be safe in all you do.

Char Carradine

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