A Love I Still Have

This is for a love I carry deep within my heart.

Giving me the inspiration to stay out of the dark.

Stiring some feelings that are deep inside of me.

Scaring me enough I think I must flee.

Seeing it as the easiest path to take.

Yet knowing that isn’t part of my fate.

Learning to take whatever life throws at me.

All the while not wearing my heart on my sleeve.

Even though we may each feel different about us.

Only builds hope for more to discuss.

Giving up and going our separate ways.

Has given me many sadden days.

Leaving with my head feeling bent.

Putting my chin in my chest and leaving a dent.

Priding myself on holding my head up high.

Even though there are many days I wish I would just die.

I know stronger is the way to be.

Some days are harder just for me to be me.

Feelings of the darkness pour all around.

I will still walk with my feet firm on the ground.



Old Ferret

There once lived an old ferret.
All he cared about is getting a carrot.
Then there came the day when he just didn’t care.
Because he felt the world was so unfair.
Keeping upon his own ways.
Lead him to have miserable days.
For any other way he wouldn’t dare.
Just because he didn’t care.

What We Make Of It

People are often given different names,
and we are clearly not the same.
I met someone not to long ago,
I could see her in her own little flow.
Feeling that she deserved a bit of respect,
Although all I wanted to do is kiss her on her neck.
Great things are possible as long as we have a plan,
Without it we are stuck like we are in quicksand.
I ask only for one to take a chance on me,
And together we can show each other possibilities
that are deeper then the sea.

Eye of The Beholder

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
My eyes have changed since I’ve gotten older.
There is one whose beauty holds my eye.
When she looks at me I feel I could fly.
I see her beauty from the inside out.
Leaving me with very little doubt.
Our lifestyles are two different ways.
      Even so, I can wish for the day she might sway….


                                        Tell me what is on your mind,

And for sure please be kind.

Really, what is it that you feel,

Not to worry, it’s not your last meal.

Okay then, what is it which you seek,

Thankfully you don’t have a beak.

This whole poem is kind of silly,

Is it alright if I call you Milly?

Do you even know a person by that name.

What’s the difference if nothing is changed.


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