Feels like a slap in the face for something I had no control over,and is blamed for not feeling the same way.

First of all we are not responsible for the thoughts, feelings, words, and/or actions of others.

Secondly, Just because someone feels a certain way towards someone doesn’t mean that I have to feel the same way.

Thirdly, Getting to why I stated the first two comments is due to my Mother, and the way she feels towards certain family members of mine. I say it the way I do because she birth me into the family.  Hating the in-laws for what ever reasons that may be, yet none of the reasons for hating them is because of me.

Is it right for someone (anyone) to get angry at another because that preson doesn’t feel the same way. Well just because there is conflict, for whatever reason does not mean that conflict is valid for everyone.

To get to the point, my mother wishes for me to hate my Grandmother, Grandfather, my Uncle, and my Daddy. All because she has had some conflict or another with them. I did not have the conflict she had with them, therefore I do not feel the same way she does, and because I do not feel the same as she does towards my family members. She becomes angry with me.

I ask if she wishes for me to be angry at the family she birthed me into, and I get the feeling she does want me to hate them as she does. Well I won’t, they haven’t done the things she accuses them of doing to me, other than speak openly how they feel my brother is not my fathers’ so. Not words I speak, but spoken by the in-laws.

So, I ask and she responds as if I should feel as she does. How can I hate part of my family that has not done the damage that my parents allowed done to me.? Shouldn’t I be hating them for allowing things to happen when it could have been stopped?

We all have our reasons for disliking this person or that person, yet when you press upon someone else to feel the same way you do towards a person, especially in anger, then you are not being fair to the other persons feeling. Then to punish them in some way because they don’t feel the same as you, isn’t that a bit childish and a bunch of rubbish….



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