Not in my City

I use to go listen to a local band where I reside. Not to long ago the band dissipated. Since I have been particular to one of the band members, I read post her post she puts out there. Not knowing there was a relocation made, I jumped at the opportunity  to a visitation. I’ve been to the area of her new location only one time before, but not to where she now lives.  Not really know the lay of the land, I got lost not once or twice. The possibility that I maybe got lost five times before I finally made the journey to her door. 

So many factors go into a journey, Whether it be a neighboring city or cross country. Recently I have decided to take a journey I have not ventured down, much more, to take someone else with me. Being someone who has done extensive traveling in search of myself landed somewhere close to the Western edge of the United States. Where I have made  it home.

Facing the decision to take on a quest into the unknown, and leave my comfort zone frightens me a little, yet somehow knowing it will be worth it. 20 years I have invested in myself in this city. I have been in this city 31 years.  I guess the first ten were my learning years. Learning to take care of myself. I had not a clue of what it took to pay the rent, utilities,and lets not forget that I needed to eat also.

That was an accomplishment in its self. Then as I stabilize myself, some of my possessions become sentimental. Next thing I know 20 more years have passed, and I have all this stuff. Meanwhile I’m feeling a strong pull to be somewhere else. Not knowing where that else is going to land me, I begin preparation for my journey.

First things are first. How might I be traveling? In the 21st Century, there are many ways to travel. Whether  it is by Train, Plane, Ship. or Automobile there is a cost. Then considering which way will be best for me and my comrade. Most of my travels have been solo and every once in a while a friend.  Been talking about taking this walk for a few months. Feeling the unbelievers, and shocking some who wish for me to stay. 

I start by searching for a vehicle capable of going the distance I need it to go. I’ve been on the train, and a plane, but not on a ship. Have traveled back and forth across this continent I live on. Haven’t been over the Northern boundary of this country that I remember, but have traveled most of it a lone. There are things that can only be seen by train, and traveling by plane showed me another prospective of our worlds’ shape. Some day I may get to travel by ship, and as long as I don’t have to cross any waters that have no bridges then I’m going to the driving myself.

Didn’t take me long to find a vehicle I’m comfortable driving.  Confident enough to drive it at the speeds of the interstates. Since the years past that I have owned or the chance to drive a vehicle, I needed some practice. Very first night I get the vehicle. I grab a friend fot a road trip. Feeling it is a do or die trip. I don’t check any thing, (fluid. belts, or tires, but was told about the battery cable loose and no spare).  Drive up to my friend’s house. Someone whom I feel will be up for an adventure, and off we go.   

Success all around. Fix the cables on the battery. I put two new tires on the  front, (not knowing they were shot out), and got everything needed to change a tire.(Came with no Jack spare or tire iron) Squaring away the vehicle is near completion, leading me to  what I believe is next. 20 years of possessions, I have the major purchase items, sentimental, basic necessity, things I can do without, and junk.

Still more to come later.


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