Really Looking At Our Choices in the 2015 Presidental Election

Whether or not we see it is the questions I ask.  Many do not know of the good things that came from the Clinton administration when Bill was in office.  We just focus on that bad thing that happened. How many of us know that since the Regan administration up to the Obama administration, that within those years we only had eight years of peace?

Not extinct but could become if we do not choose wisely.

Not extinct but could become if we do not choose wisely.

That means that within forty years there was a period of eight years where not only did we have peace in the United States, but there was peace worldwide.

Sure somewhere in the world there is going to be some kind of conflict, yet if we do not stop and take a look at what we are doing to our planet then we won’t have to worry about who is in conflict with who because we won’t have a world to live on. Where is the focus on the pollution of our water and lands? Who is focusing on whether or not we have safe water to drink? Who is looking at stopping other countries from polluting their land and water that  indirectly affects the rest of the world.

We really need to stop bashing Hillary in pettiness of e-mails and whether or not she is comfortable answering questions which indirectly do not benefit the world.  We need someone who is concern with what is happening with our environment and focus on reversing the damage we, ourselves, have caused upon this world we live on.


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